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Great writings by Henry Henry D. Thoreau, 1817-1862
The Thoreau Reader

My interests are like different colors spread on a palette. I am interested in various things like reading, traveling, music, programming, thinking and off course doing nothing !

Of all, I give more time for reading. Books have shaped the way I look at life and think about it. They have always been my source of knowledge and inspiration. I love to spend a lot of time reading. I have used a lot of unused time for reading books (while waiting for someone, traveling etc).

I love to read more and more books about Mysticism, Philosophy, Zen, Buddhism and Computers. But no hard and fast rules. I do read quite a lot other kind of books too. In fact, anything that is interesting is on my list.

The second place is shared by music and traveling. I love to listen to a variety of music, that includes Indian classical, western classical, trans, oldies etc. I love Marathi bhavgeet (emotional) and bhaktigeet (devotional) music a lot.

Traveling, is a fascinating thing. I love to head towards mountains, jungles and valleys. Tough I really don't get much time to travel, I intend to spend more time for it sooner or later.

Programming and thinking are my hobbies and by choice have become by professional endeavor. That's what I do it most of the time.






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